UAE based AYA, a regulated fundraising platform focused on the intersection of Blockchain and sustainability has partnered with Blockpass, Web3 OG identity verifier, to strengthen AYA’s compliance procedures.

Through the partnership Blockpass will provide risk assessment and risk classification of onboarding customers, customized forms based on the customer’s and regulator’s requirements, regular rigorous wallet compliance checks to protect user transactions, and evaluation of risks associated with wallets to ensure the absence of fraudulent and suspicious transactions.

This will involve the gamut of Blockpass’ products, including KYC, KYB and AML solutions, the new Advanced KYC Bot™, ongoing monitoring, and Blockpass’ Unhosted Wallet KYC™.

Blockpass, has pioneered reusable identities and crypto-native KYC/AML solutions. Its turnkey suite of compliance tools is designed to lower onboarding costs, automate remediation, prove humanity and protect against malicious actors, fraudulent activities, bots, and AI.

Businesses can set up services quickly, test them for free, and start verifying users. With around one million verified identity profiles, Blockpass facilitates instant onboarding, and to date over a thousand businesses have taken advantage of this opportunity to benefit from Blockpass’ compliant network.

AYA is the Middle East and North Africa region’s first regulated Climate Finance Platform, regulated by Dubai’s Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA) in 2023. Built on blockchain technology, AYA focuses on helping climate tech projects raise capital from its community of investors, utilizing carbon and nature-based credits as assets. AYA will leverage its team’s experience from building and running Enjinstarter – an extensive crowdfunding platform focused on gaming, entertainment, and the metaverse – to curate a nurturing ecosystem of mentorship, funding and collaboration where trailblazers can leave a lasting legacy of sustainability for future generations.

“Through our strategic partnership with Blockpass, we at AYA reaffirm our commitment to upholding the highest standards of AML and KYC practices in the industry. This collaboration underscores our dedication to fostering a secure, compliant, and trustworthy environment for our users, laying the foundation for a more responsible and sustainable future in the virtual asset space.” said Vasseh Ahmed, Managing Director of AYA.

“We’re delighted to be working with a company that is so focused on the future of both blockchain technology and the planet.” said Blockpass CEO Adam Vaziri. “We have previously worked with Enjinstarter and it’s an honor to be chosen once again to work with such a visionary team on such an important project.”

By working together, Blockpass and AYA will ensure that the sustainable futures of blockchain technology and the world are secured against identity fraud and money laundering. In ensuring regulatory compliance, Blockpass will help AYA grow and flourish as it seeks to nourish suitable projects and innovate in a responsible manner.