ImpactGulf, a UAE based carbon management company, has launched an AI Blockchain enabled platform called G4Green, to bring transparency to the ESG (Environmental Sustainable Goals) space. The platform will enable large organizations as well as government agencies and global institutions to bring together their entire network of suppliers, partners, members or portfolio companies on the basis of ethical principles, onboard them in one go, monitor and drive their sustainability performance and implement incentive tools to accelerate their ESG journey.

As per the press release, the platform serves as an internal database and green navigator to help organizations map the ESG factors that are beyond their direct control, yet for which they are held accountable. With a complete view of their stakeholders’ green performance, organizations can easily engage their suppliers in green activities, enable them to set sustainability goals and upload their CSR, ESG and carbon accounting reports and accreditations, while companies new to green practices can use AI to help set their first sustainability goals.

As an enterprise solution, G4Green also assists in identifying sustainable products, services, partners and suppliers, as well as initiating green procurement and building a green supply chain.

Using AI to detect false sustainability claims from large organizations and their suppliers and partners, the platform also helps companies avoid greenwashing, including through scanning their own social media posts for sustainability claim violations before posting.

Commenting on the platform, Yassin Nasri, Founder & CEO of ImpactGulf, stated, “G4Green represents a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to driving positive environmental change and building capacities in the sustainability space. By providing organizations with the tools and resources to streamline their sustainability efforts, we aim to catalyze a broader shift towards greener business practices. Building and operating a sustainable business is not possible without engaging the entire supply chain.”

The platform provides an excellent foundation for green procurement, ESG risk assessment and sustainable stakeholder empowerment. It is built on the latest technological infrastructure, including the use of AI for data analysis and greenwashing avoidance, as well as blockchain technology for sustainability data traceability.

“Ultimately, the platform is about how key stakeholders in business and society can take their corporate community on an ESG journey, identifying the emissions hotspot within their value chain and minimizing the risk of dumping chemicals into the ocean anywhere in the world, or other unethical practices such as the employment of children by a supplier or partner. G4Green is the answer to all these key ESG risks,” concludes Yassin.

Vidunas Gedeikis, CTO at ImpactGulf, added: “Depending on individual needs, our platform is able to adapt to clients’ own ESG and partner engagement metrics, and integrate advanced technologies, including AI-driven data analytics and blockchain-enabled traceability, to ensure the integrity and reliability of sustainability initiatives. With the customization capabilities of G4Green, we are paving the way for a more transparent, interconnected approach to sustainability management.”


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