UAE – Hex Trust is the first entity to have received an MVP Operational license from VARA. This is the third licensing stage within the VARA framework, before the FMP Operational license. This means that Hex Trust can now operate under VARA supervision and monitoring. (for more information, please see review

Mohamed Reda El Sheikh, Head of Compliance MENA &MLRO at Hex Trust, a certified Blockchain Cryptocurrency Auditor, announced this in a LinkedIn post. In the post, El Sheikh stated, “The day has finally arrived. Hex Trust is the first entity to be granted the MVP operational license, and I am the first compliance officer “MLRO” to operate under the first specialized cryptocurrency regulator in the world “VARA”. Getting this done is a team effort, and without the support of my superstar colleagues at Hex Trust, I would not have been able to accomplish it.

LaraontheBlock spoke with El Sheikh to learn more. El Sheikh explained, “We have received a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Operational license, which allows us to offer services only to institutional clients”. As a result, we will soon start onboarding institutional clients for our crypto custody and staking services. These will be the only two services we offer to cryptocurrency institutional clients.”  

He adds, “As a regulated custodian, we must legally and technologically segregate Clients’ assets under custody.” 

In November 2022 Hex Trust received its MVP preparatory license and after adhering to all the requirements and reporting policies required from VARA are now fully operational. 

El Sheikh adds, “The license application journey was a learning experience for Hex Trust” and “the regulator was supportive throughout the process.” 


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