As per a recent article in Bloomberg, UAE Cypher Capital an early-strategy venture firm focused on investing in Web3 infrastructure, is seeking to raise $100 million for a crypto venture fund. Cypher Capital’s Chairman Bill Qian, the former head of Binance Labs, stated that he is seeking over $100 million in funding for a crypto venture fund. 

Bill Qian joined Cypher Capital in September 2022 as the new Chairman of its Board of Directors. Bill brings to Cypher Capital more than 15 years of invaluable industry expertise in managing and investing over $20 billion.

As per the article Cypher Capital is prioritizing projects that will bring about 5 billion more internet and social users to the web3. Bill Qian planned to approach Asian tech moguls for funding but did not name them.

Qian, plans to invest in web3-focused start-ups. The next edition is determined by the laxity of the internet that advocates say will be more decentralized and dependent on blockchain technology.

Cypher Capital has ten employees and recently invited Elaine Liu, a veteran of Tencent, to support its expansion in the UAE. In November, the company set up an office space for crypto and blockchain startups at Dubai Marina as part of an effort to find future deals.

He also declined to disclose whether the fund received any commitments but said the digital asset’s recovery this year, which has seen Bitcoin rise around 50%, has helped raise capital just got easier.

In June 2022, Cypher Capital  invested in Blockchain gaming platform, MetaOne. UAE Cypher Capital, Huobi Ventures, LD Capital and GSR Capital have invested 2 million USD in MetaOne, a SAAS ( Software as a Service) platform that is working to onboard games and guilds onto blockchain gaming.

In November 2022, Rekt Studios, a Dubai-based startup  secured $1.5 million in funding from Cypher Capital, to bolster the development of the ‘Unseen’ ecosystem. 


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