UAE based HAYVN, a regulated digital asset management financial institution, has recorded returns of 19 percent increase on its crypto index fund since its launch in January 2023.

The index fund for cryptocurrency assets offers clients a diversified, low cost, and regulated strategy to invest in.

According to HAYVN CEO, Christopher Flinos, “The funds early success and HAYVN predictions for a positive long-term trend due to our carefully weighted Top 20 portfolio, has seen the HAYVN 20 become one of the leading fund benchmarks in cryptocurrency markets”.

The HAYVN 20 fund has three distinguishing features, first it is limits the maximum exposure to any one digital asset at 10% creating a more balanced portfolio. Secondly the fund rebalances monthly, allowing HAYVN 20  to capture new trends in the market by increasing its investment in the emerging winners as their market capitalization grows, while reducing exposure to cryptocurrencies which are declining in value.

Finally the fund has daily liquidity which gives investors the freedom to change their allocation anytime.

Flinos added, “Investing in the HAYVN Index Fund offers investors an opportunity to gain exposure to broader cryptocurrency markets without having to worry about managing individual coins and allocations themselves. With its initial track record and performance so far, it provides a solid option for those who want sustainable long-term exposure rather than concentration risk individual coins”.