In a recent announcement, UAE’s DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Center), partnered with USA based ANKR, an enterprise blockchain infrastructure and services provider. As per the partnership, they will provide support for over 550 Web3 member businesses in DMCC crypto center through development of innovative products, infrastructure and advisory incubation.


Ankr’s solutions will be made available to businesses within the DMCC Crypto Center, empowering them with access to a wide variety of products and services, such as application-specific blockchain engineering, node infrastructure, Web3 gaming solutions, NFT marketplace solutions, staking, and decentralized finance products. These offerings will enable businesses to fast-track their development and go to market with every resource they need to thrive in emerging Web3 ecosystems.


“The partnership with the Dubai Multi Commodities Center is a testament to our commitment to drive the global proliferation of blockchain technology,” said Chandler Song, Ankr’s CEO. “Dubai is a critical hub for Web3 innovation, and by providing DMCC Crypto Center member businesses with industry-leading solutions, we can cultivate the next generation of Web3 businesses, applications, and experiences that have the capacity to take industry adoption to the next billion users.”


DMCC Executive Chairman and CEO, Ahmed Bin Sulayem, added, “By offering a comprehensive ecosystem that enables Web3 businesses to scale efficiently and with confidence, the DMCC Crypto Centre has become home to the highest concentration of crypto and Web3 firms in the MENA region. In expanding our platform through this key collaboration with Ankr, we are further enhancing our capabilities and the value we add to Web3 entrepreneurs and multinationals alike. We look forward to working with Ankr and activating their expertise and suite of services to continue to reinforce Dubai’s status as a global Web3 hub.”